Benefit From My Superior Electronic Repair Services

Are you looking for a professional electronic repair service in Alexandria, VA because you want to have your iPhone repaired? Perhaps you have an iPad or Playstation you want to restore? Whatever the case may be, Tech Doc is the company you should choose. I am conveniently based in Alexandria, VA, and I can provide you with the following services:

iPhone Repair

I invite you to make an appointment for my iPhone repair services; I guarantee that your phone will look its best once I handle it to you after the repair. I fix every iPhone in a timely and effective manner, and I take the utmost care of every device that my clients put in my hands.

iPad Repair

iPads are like iPhones, only bigger. Perhaps you are having some kind of an issue with your tablet, and you want to have it repaired? Either way, my company is the right choice for you.

iPhone Screen Glass & LCD Repair

Just like every piece of technology, the screen of an iPhone can be damaged, despite being sturdy. No worries, I have you covered. If you have recently damaged the screen of your device, I can help, no matter how it happened.

LCD Repair

LCD Repair

Battery Replacement

Do you want a brand new phone with a brand new battery? With my battery replacement services, all this can be easily achieved.

Computer Repair

I also fix computers, and I do it in a timely and effective manner.

Water Damage

Perhaps you spilled your favorite drink on your favorite device? Bring the device to me, and I will see if it can be restored or not.

Playstation Repair

Consoles have gone a long way in the industry as an alternative source of entertainment. Not only when they are damaged, though. I can quickly fix your Playstation so that you will be able to enjoy it by yourself or with your friends, family, or closest ones.

Are you looking for a professional and reputable electronic repair service in Alexandria, VA? Tech Doc is the company you should choose. Pick up the phone and contact me at (703) 362-5873 today!

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