When You Need an LCD Repair Service

Common Problems With a Monitor’s LCD

LCD screens are built to be tough, but they will still break down over time. Have you been noticing some problems with your flat screen monitor? Perhaps, the picture keeps flickering or there are lines on the screen? If so, don’t worry as this could be caused by a number of LCD problems. You might notice some cracks or visual issues on your display, and that is perfectly normal. However, if you don’t know how to repair them, you should call an LCD repair expert right away. That way, your problem can be fixed and you get to enjoy your TV screen again. Here are common LCD screen problems:


You would probably notice cracks on your screen because it is made out of glass and can break easily. Physical damage is often the main culprit for cracked screens. Mishandling can cause the crack to become bigger so best take this to a professional LCD repair shop.


Your screen might have faded colors or even a tint of yellowish-brown due to age. This is also normal but it would be advisable to have it checked by professionals since they can offer solutions that last.

Black Screen

This is quite unlike the other problems as black screens do not come with any visual issues at all. They simply don’t show anything at all which could be a concern when you are looking for something on TV. You need to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Slight Burn Marks

You would also find minor burn marks on your monitor screen. This would most likely be on the right side of the monitor, where you have interacted more with your computer. It would not affect the picture quality but it could cause some eye strain if it is not fixed right away.

If you want to fix your screen properly so that it lasts for years, hiring experts is the key. If you need help with LCD repair in Alexandria, VA, know that Tech Doc can help you out. For more information about my services, give me a call at (703) 362-5873.

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